1970 Charger R/T
In the Paint Booth
Day 154 - We
applied a two
coats of House of
Kolors black to
both side for the  
longitudinal stripes.
I didn't think this day would ever come...  
After waiting 20 years, it's finally here!
We applied 3M
striping tape over
the black and
begin spraying the
Here she is with a
couple of coats of
Plum Crazy.  We
will apply 4 coats
before adding the
clear coat.
Now we've
removed the 3M
tape and Voilla!  
Perfect black
The stripes were a
factory option on
my Charger.  The
factory stripes
were tape, applied
over the paint.  Our
painted ones will
last forever.
The hood, front
valence and door
scoops before the
clear coat was
Here we go!  Look
at purple 'Pop!'
with the second
layer of clear coat
We wrapped the
stripe around the
front of the door
even though the
scoops will cover
this up.
Now that's a clear
coat!  Just like
glass.  We will add
a total of four coats
of House of Kolors
clear before we're
The next step is to
color sand the entire
car.  This will
remove any
imperfections in the
clear coat and really
make her shine!
Day 159 - The
color sanding is
complete and
man does it
shine!  The
pictures just
don't do it justice.
Day 159 - The
camera flash
makes the metallic
"Pop!" around the
NOS gas cap.
Day 161- Here she
is with the R/T
door scoop back
Day 161- You can
really see the clear
coat shine.
If you want the
best paint
products on the
market use House
of Kolor.
The heart of the
440 Magnum with
purple shaft Hemi
grind cam.
Day 170 - The
motor and rebuilt
727 Torqueflight
trans are back in.
Day 176 - The
re-chromed front
bumper is on.
Day 176 - The rear
bumper, taillights,
and R/T panel are
Day 191 -
She's finally home!
Day 191 -
Check out the
shine in that fender!
Day 191 -
The NOS Gator
Grain top is back
Now it's time to get the interior, wiring,
windows and grille back in.