1970 Charger R/T
At the Body Shop (cont.)
Day 105 - New
brake lines are
installed on the 8
3/4 rear axle.  The
drum brake
backing plates are
removed in
preparation for the
new disc brake
Day 106 - Ooh...
Look at that!.  This
Charger will stop
on a dime now.
Day 106 - The
K-frame and
steering box are
back on the car.
Day 106 - Here's
the front
suspension and
brake setup.  The
front end received
new lower control
arm pivot shafts,
new torsion bars,
new strut rods,
poly bushings and
new disc brakes.
We still need to
install the shock,
tie rods and sway
Day 110 - The
shocks, sway bars
and steering
components are
installed.  It will be
interesting to see
how it handles those
interstate on-ramps
and highway curves
Day 110 - A new
rear valence was
installed to replace
the mangled and
patched one.
Day 110 - The rear
window shelf is
finished and ready
for paint.  I had to
build the pieces,
by hand, for the
lower window area
and corners when I
installed them six
years ago.
Day 110 - The rear
quarters are
almost ready for
paint.  It should
only be a couple of
weeks before we
shoot some Plum
Crazy .
Day 122 - We're
attacking the
fenders next.  
There is some
work to be done
here.  No rust
though which is a
good thing!
Day 127 - Now
we're havin' fun!  
Some Plum Crazy
paint with House
of Kolors clear
coat.  Still need to
color sand it but
wow does it look
good!  The
pictures don't do it
justice.  The House
of Kolors clear just
makes that purple
Day 127 - Here's
the hood in some
late day sun.
Day 133 - The
black Gator Grain
top material.  This
was original to the
car and a very rare
option.  We'll have
this installed when
we're finished with
the paint.
Day 133 - A guide
coat of Plum Crazy
is applied to the
car.  When we go
over the panels
with the sanding
block you'll pick up
any imperfections
right away.  
Day 133 - Not only
will this help with
sanding but it
gives us a taste of
what the Charger
will like soon.
Day 140 - The
doors on placed
back on the car for
hopefully the last
Day 127 - We used
House of Kolors
black on the inside
of the doors.
Day 127 - The
underside of the
hood is complete.
Day 153 - One last
coat of primer is
applied and wet
sanded with 600
grit paper.
Day 153 - You can
actually see the
primer shine in the
light after sanding.
Day 147 - The
guide coat is
carefully sanded to
reveal any problem