1970 Charger R/T
At the Body Shop
Day One - Checkin'
her out.
Day 16 - Stripped
and lookin good.
Day 16 - Clean
engine bay.
Day 16 - Quarter
panels were replaced
years ago and
checked out ok.
Day 16 - Floor
pan is in darn
good shape
except for a 3
inch hole behind
the front seat.
Day 23 - On the
Day 23 - Underside
looks great for a 36
year old car!  Just a
couple of minor rust
spots to repair on the
frame rails.
Day 64 - After
rebuilding the air
compressor motor,
we're back in
business.  The
connectors are
welded in and ready
for grinding.  Thanks
to U.S. Car Tool for
these pre-cut pieces.
Day 64 - Here we
had to devise a
custom channel
for the e-brake
cable.  This
channel was built
prior to installing
on the car.
Day 64 - A view of
the back-side.
Day 64 - We had
two small areas to
patch on the rear
frame.  We
replaced the
affected areas with
the same gauge
steel, ground
down the welds
and placed a thin
layer of fiberglass
filler over the top.
Day 78 - The
rocker panels were
in excellent shape
for 30 plus years of
Nebraska weather.  
Although the last
ten were spent in
storage during the
winter months.
Day 78 - The wheel
housings were a
different story.  I
had to replace the
outer housings
when I replaced
the rear quarters
five years ago.  We
had a few minor
areas to clean up.
Day 78 - Here you can see
the final step for the
sub-connectors.  The
excess fiberglass filler
was removed and she is
ready for primer.  
Day 78 - What a
beautiful sight!  No
more undercoating
or rust.  Time to
squirt some primer
and Plum Crazy!
Day 87 - I've been
waiting a long time
for this day!  This
photo was taken
without the flash.  
Note in the next
several photos
how the flash
brings out the
metallic in the
paint.  I think
purple is one of the
hardest colors to
Day 87 - We had a
few paint runs in
the engine bay so
we'll need to fix
Day 98 - The new
fuel lines are in
place.  We wanted
to get these in
before she came
off the rotisserie.
Day 98 - It's
difficult to see but
the new brake line
is installed as well.
Day 98 - Now the
body gets a shot of
black G2 primer
over the bare
metal.  This will
help us see any
imperfections in
the body work.
Day 98 - Here
you see what
we've found so
Not too bad.